Recycled Polyester or Nylon(Polyamide) Tops are made from Recycled Tow(by stretching) or Recycled Fibers(by combing), we could produce both type, as per your requests.

Our recycled tops are with good evenness and low defects/neps, and excellent dyeing performance, which can be used for spinning yarns directly.

Regular Denier: 1.5D/2.0D/2.5D/3.0D

Length: 76m-120mm

Color: White, Black, dope dyed colors(can customize as your requests)

Special Cross-section: Triangle, Trilobal, +

Functional: Flame retardant, High tenacity, Anti-Pilling, CDP, ECDP, Bamboo Charcoal, Antibacterial, Moisture wicking, High Shrinkage, High Bulky, etc.

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