With the rapid development of the global economy, our living standards have been greatly improved. However, our environment is getting worse and worse. Meanwhile, the unrenewable oil resources are gradually decreasing. What should we do?

As one of the leaders and experts in renewable and sustainable industry, we committed to the development of recycled textile products since 2008. The raw materials come from water bottles, cola bottles, fabrics waste, old clothes, fiber waste, yarn waste, etc. We use these wasted materials to produce high-performance fibers, and then use them to spin yarns or make non-woven fabrics, widely used for clothes, bedding products, carpets, wet wipes, shopping bags, geotextiles, etc. This process not only effectively used wasted materials, but also saves oil voluntarily, making our environment better.

We produce and sell over 10,000 tons of recycled fiber every year, equally we consumed 5,000,000,000 discarded water bottles.

Besides, we can make specialty and functional recycled fibers by adjusting equipments or adding additives in production , including porous, antibacterial, flame retardant, anti-mite, hydrophilic, etc., we provide customized products according to your needs.

If you are also on the road of renewable and sustainable same with us, welcome to contact at any time, we’re honored to work with you together for green earth home!