Recycled nylon fiber, we have both pre-consumer and post-consumer. Pre-consumer recycled is made from fiber wastes, yarn wastes or fabric wastes, and post-consumer recycled is made from fishing nets.

The most prominent advantage of nylon fiber is its excellent wear resistance; also, it has good elasticity, the elastic recovery rate is comparable to wool; meanwhile, with small specific gravity(second only to polypropylene fiber and lighter than polyester fiber), nylon fiber can be processed into fine, soft and smooth silk, woven into a beautiful and durable fabric. It also has same corrosion resistance as polyester fiber and resists worms or mold.

It can be used for spinning or needle-punched non-woven fabrics. And finished products are widely used in clothing, quilt covers, socks, blankets, carpets, fishing nets, tire cords, etc.


Additional information

Regular Denier:





White, Black, dope dyed colors(can customize as your requests)

Special Cross-section:

Flat, Triangle, Trilobal


Flame retardant, Anti-bacterial, Acrylic-like, Cashmere-Like, Rabbit hair-Like, etc.